Thank you for your interest in the Exploring Trees and Ponds materials. We are hoping you will find that youth in your program become excited about taking part in learning about the natural world around them. Having youth use digital cameras to photograph trees and pond creatures will make the activities more exciting and allow youth to be more involved in their explorations.

These Activities provide a structure for youth ages 10–14 in out-of-school programs to carry out long-term observations of natural objects. This project uses a qualitative approach, where changes over time are studied, recorded (by youth through writing, drawing, and digital photography), and discussed. The activities can be used as the experiential base for more in-depth investigations of environmental problems or the more formal study of biological principles.

In addition to the activities, we offer How and Why materials to help you carry out these activities with youth as well as numerous photo galleries within the Photo Resources section to enrich and supplement the activities.

Learn more about the activities: