Exploring Trees and Ponds comprises activities and supporting materials that give youth the opportunity to interact with nature and observe trees and pond organisms close up. Activities are grouped by season, and within each season, are grouped by topic when possible (e.g., trees, leaves, seeds), to help you and the youth in your program follow a particular theme.

You can carry out the activities over a short or extended period of time. A benefit to this program is that youth can carry out the activities over the school year, keeping their interests high and deepening their life science knowledge, which in turn can supplement their science learning in school.

Each activity includes a materials list. Most or all materials can be purchased through a catalog or online from science supply businesses. Try to gather as many materials options for youth as your budget can handle. For more information, see Space and Equipment Needs.

During the activities, youth will be asked to take photos with digital cameras or to draw what they see with paper and pencil. Drawing and taking photos can enhance youth’s observations. For more information on drawing and digital photography, see The Importance of Drawings and Photos.

How and Why offers other supporting materials to help you carry out the activities.

Enjoy and have fun exploring!