Lead Writer and Principal Investigator: Bernard Zubrowski, EDC

Researchers: Sabra Lee and Carol Baldassari, Leslie College, Boston, Mass.

Research Assistants: Lisa Marco and Leana Nordstrom, EDC

Reviewers of Activities: Martha Cohn, Wang Science Magnet School, Lowell, Mass.; Denise LeBlanc, Acton Science Center, Acton, Mass.; Carolyn Staudt, Concord Consortium; Lynn Schmitt-McQuitty, 4-H; Frank Meehan, retired science teacher; and Carol Fialkowski, independent consultant.

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Senior Editor: Kerry Ouellet, EDC

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Field-Test Participants Boston Nature Center: Erica Quigley, Jean Dorcus, Julie Brandlen New Hampshire 4-H; Karen Acerno, Julia Mawson, Caela Goumas, Katrina Murray


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